When your child is in pain, you feel their pain too.  You want to make it better for them but aren't sure how.  Even with the best parent-child relationships, having an outside professional who can provide a safe space and build a connection with your child or teen can help.  I see children and teens ages 9 and up for individual and family therapy.  Play therapy tools and interactive games are used to help build relationships and open up conversations.  Children and teens that I see are often struggling with family and peer issues, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or self-harm.  My approach always involves the parents and caregivers so that skills learned in session can be carried over to the home.  Sometimes parents need support too and some new ways to communicate with their child or teen.  One of my specialties is working with preteen and teen girls. I also provide group therapy for girls which can be a supplement to individual therapy or a stand alone treatment.  If you're ready to see your child or teen feeling better contact me so we can get started.