31 July 2015

Welcome!  I am just two days from the official opening of Haslet Counseling. I have lived in Haslet for over six years so have seen firsthand the changes and growth that have taken place. I remember the days when if you needed a gallon of milk the only options were the Dollar general or local gas stations.  Now we have Walmart! The same is true for health services in the area.  We now have pediatricians, dentists, optometrists and family Doctors sprouting up all over town, but unfortunately counseling services are lagging behind.  I was fortunate enough to meet another licensed therapist in the area who was already looking for office space at the time I was exploring the idea of opening a practice.  It turned out we had met each other before at a mutual friend's house! Talk about a small world.  We connected and worked together to find office space, and now there will be two new therapists in Haslet to provide counseling services to the community.  I hope that by having services close by, we can reach many those who would otherwise have to drive long distances or forego the help that they need.