Teen Girls Therapy Groups

Groups for Middle and High School Girls  


Does your teen....

  • Feel lonely or depressed?
  • Struggle with anxiety at school or in social situations?
  • Have low self-esteem and makes negative statements about herself?
  • Have trouble managing emotions to where she shuts down or feels like self-harming?
  • Focuses on making others happy even if they treat her unfairly?
  • Have trouble with family or peer relationships? 

Teen Girls Therapy Groups utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy which is research based to develop effective coping skills, increase self-esteem and improve relationship and communication skills. 

Teen Girls Therapy Groups will help your teen...

  • learn and utilize effective coping skills so that she can manage emotions
  • reduce and manage anxiety so that she can be successul in school and in social situations
  • improve feelings of self-worth so that she make healthy choices for herself and say no to peer pressure
  • learn communication skills so that she can have healtheir relationships with family and friends 

Group Details

  • Who:  Groups are for girls who are struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, peer relationship or school problems, or  family conflict.  Groups are not appropriate for those who are actively suicidal, violent, or actively abusing drugs or alcohol. Individual treatment focusing on these issues is needed before group is an option.
  • What:  There are currently two groups held. One for Middle School girls and one for High School girls.  Groups are limited to 8 participants for a more personalized experience.  Groups are skills based and utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy to teach effective coping skils, increase self-esteem, improve communication and assertiveness skills,  setting boundaries, managing moods and emotions. 
  • When: Groups meet once a week for 1 hour on Tuesdays late afternoon/early evening.  
  • Where: Groups are held in the Halset Executive Suites Building at 808 Schoolhouse Road, Haslet, TX 76052.
  • Why:  Group therapy teaches practical skills as well as providing a safe space for teens to get support from others and feel validated that they are not alone in their struggles.  Developmentally, peers are hugely important to teens and group is a great way to get positive support and validation.  Group can be a great adjunct to individual therapy or a stand alone treatment.    
  • Cost:  Groups are $35 each week.  A 10 minute parent phone screening and a 45 minute in office intake session is required for new clients BEFORE starting group. 

 **Email hasletcounseling@gmail.com or call 817.676.8858 to explore options for your teen**   

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