If you're wondering whether couples therapy could help your relationship, the answer is probably yes.  I say this because research shows that couples wait an average of 6 years before seeking help.   Whether you're a committed couple needing help with communication skills or whether you're on the brink of divorce, admitting that you need help and reaching out can be hard.  The thought of going into a stranger's office and sharing the most intimate details of your relationship is not something most people want to sign up for.  I get this, and strive to create a safe, neutural environment where both of you can feel heard and understood.  I'm not here to take sides or shame you. The only side I take is the side of your goals for the relationship. I can't and won't tell you what to do in regards to staying together or separating, but I can share the information and knowledge I have about what is healthy and what is unhealthy and help navigate those difficult discussions.  

No two couples that I see are alike. Some come in for a relationship tune up or premarital counseling, while others have years of hurt and resentment built up and or aren't sure if they want to stay together.  Other couples may not be having conflicts, but realize they are emotionally checking out or have simply grown apart over the years.  Whatever your particular situation, we can work together to figure it out and get you on the path toward healing.  

I have completed specialized couples therapy training in Gottman Method Levels I and II, which is based on years of research. This allows me to provide practical tools and feedback that you can use at home, as well as go beyond the anger and hurt to find out what each person is really wanting and needing from the relationship.

If you're ready take your relationship to the next level or need help figuring out what you want and need, contact me today so we can get started.