Owning your own therapy practice is exciting and exhilarating but can also be scary.  You know that you have good clinical skills and can help people, but you wonder whether that is all you need to be a successful business owner? Most clinical programs are great at preparing you for licensure but don't prepare us at all for private practice.  Whether you've been in private practice for some time and looking to improve, or are just starting out having the help and support of someone who has been there and knows what works and what doesn't,  can be critical.  Sure there are many books and free resources online, but the time it takes to wade through them all and figure out how to apply them to your particular situation and goals is valuable time that you're losing.  And in our business, time is money because as therapists time is one of our most valuable assets.  

I don't offer fancy or expensive packages. You can sign up for as much or as little time as you want at a rate of $125 per hour.  If you sign up for 5 hours or more the rate goes down to $100 per hour.   During your time we will work on anything that you want to work on.  Below is list to give you ideas:

  • How to go about setting up and starting a private practice-forms, paperwork, processes, office space
  • How to set your fee and how to decide whether taking insurance or running a private pay practice is right for you
  • What systems to put in place to make sure your practice runs smoothly and efficiently
  • How to establish yourself as an expert in your community
  • How to network and market in a way that aligns with your strengths and personality and with a minimal budget
  • If you decide to take insurance, everything you need to know to make it as simple and low stress as possible
  • How to set up intake processes to maximize intake callers becoming clients that show up to sessions
  • How to utilize social media, websites, and blogging to help promote your practice
  • What common mistakes to avoid that cost you time and money
  • And more..

As someone who has been in private practice for 2 years I remember those early days.  I learned primarily through my own research, talking to therapist friends and mentors, and the trial and error method which in and of itself costs money. Looking back if i had known of a consultant who could have helped me I would have invested in my practice knowing that it would be more than worth it.  I have been able to establish a full time practice within 6 months and stay consistently full,  set my schedule to work for me and my family, and have systems in place that are convenient for clients and myself because things run smoothly.  I have also been able to find a population that I'm passionate serving and make valuable connections that allows me to be seen as the expert and provide speaking and trainings in these areas.

If you're ready to start your practice or take it to a new level contact me today to see if I can help.